Who We Are

NRGTree is committed to the success of our partner credit unions and solar installers. This means ensuring that credit unions have the products and financial materials to offer their members the best in solar installation from thoroughly vetted installers, while reducing acquisition costs for installers and giving them access to a pool of trustworthy, finance-ready customers.

Our Story

NRGTree was founded in 2016 to address the following three observations of the solar market:

Credit Unions were not being utilized to their full potential to drive solar growth.

Solar installers were spending excessive resources on projects that may not come to fruition.

There was a lack of a streamlined, competitive bidding platform geared to benefit all parties.

NRGTree founder and CEO TJ Caveney decided to explore the market viability of an innovative, online platform that would connect property owners to solar installers by going directly through their existing lending institution. NRGTree looked to create an innovative service that advocated on behalf of the consumer to reduce costs, while also reducing the customer acquisition costs for solar installers - resulting in the online auction system. NRGTree chose to partner with credit unions in an effort to help credit unions create financing products for solar and tap into the growing solar market, while providing their members with a convenient service and a valuable education on the financial benefits of solar.

Our Own My Solar platform aims to connect solar installers, credit unions and property owners and reduce inefficiencies in the solar market. We hope to educate property owners on the benefits of going solar for both the environment and their finances, while using our unique reverse-auction to find them the lowest price. At the same time we aim to support local solar installers and credit unions by cutting customer acquisition costs and generating new solar loans.

Meet the NRGTree Team

TJ Caveney

CEO and Founder

Abdu El Refaiy, CFA

Director of Lending Institutions

Victor Juri


Chris Buchanan

Director of Solar

Terry O'Steen

EVP Business Development

Matthew Gschwend

Senior Solar Analyst

Ariana Andrewes

Customer Service Specialist

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