We love the outdoors and want to protect the environment. By promoting solar we can do just that, while saving you money too!

Our Mission

We want to educate energy consumers about the benefits of solar power, both environmentally and economically. By sharing the science and costs behind photovoltaics, we will show the world how easy and sensible it is to own a solar system.

We teach the economics behind owning a solar system, including current government incentives, to explain why solar is more appealing now than ever. We provide the tools to help consumers see what a solar system would look like for their unique property and what kind of energy it could provide. We also show them what type of savings they can realize, both short term, and over the lifetime of their solar system.

We work hard to compile the best solar installers in your area, to ensure quality installation and materials. Through our bidding process, we get consumers the best possible price. We then tie in lending institutions to finance your new system. Overall, we endeavor to streamline the whole process and and make going solar easy as possible.

Not just for us, not just for you, for everyone!

We want to leave a better planet for future generations.

Solar photovoltaics are a clean form of power generation. The electricity from utility companies is mostly made from the burning of fossil fuels, which pollute the atmosphere with CO2 and other greenhouse gases. When you switch to solar, you stop those gases from being emitted. And, not only is solar good for the environment, it provides energy independence to our country from the countries that sell us fossil fuels. Solar prepares you for a future where the sun will power your house, your car and everything electronic in your life.

We are all about empowering the little guy.

We want you to own all the power the sun has for you. You don't lease your swimming pool. You don't have to lease your solar panels. We want to save you the most money and owning is the way to do so.

 When there is a huge solar energy spill, it's just called a nice day. 

Join us in taking care of the environment.

Contact us to find out how you can help promote solar!


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