Who We Are

NRGTree is committed to helping property owners explore renewable energy in a comprehensive way. This entails providing property owners with all the resources needed to make an educated decision based on financial analysis so that they can capitalize on their investment. From providing your property’s optimized design, to connecting you to our pre-certified installers and financing institutions, NRGTree is there to help you every step of the way.

We will connect you to everything you need, and streamline the process, putting money back in your pocket even sooner.

Our Story

NRGTree was founded in 2016 to address observed gaps in the renewable energy market. We saw an opportunity to explore the market viability of an innovative platform that would connect property owners, pre-certified renewable energy technology installers, and lending institutions. Thus the online auction system OwnMySolar was created.

Thanks to our platform’s continued success in bridging these gaps for residential property owners, our team recognized a similar opportunity in commercial renewable energy projects, and thus began to focus on addressing the following issues as well:

  • Commercial property owners are unaware of the multiple levels of untapped revenue potential offered by participating as an energy resource to the local utilities.
  • Relevant renewable energy incentive programs can be overwhelming, deterring property owners.
  • Clients lack the resources to easily obtain financing and manage the various technology installers.

In response, NRGTree has focused on these very issues, making it easy for commercial property owners to explore and embrace renewable energy. Today we provide free customized energy investment summaries to educate property owners on the incentives and benefits they could be taking advantage of. We then work for our customers to ensure that their renewable energy acquisition process is as easy as possible, and that it gives them the best return on investment.

Today, we are able to offer our customers a comprehensive system design, including all of the latest renewable energy technology. NRGTree can provide energy investment summaries including:

  • Solar arrays
  • Energy storage
  • Electric vehicle charging stations
  • Intelligent microgrid automation

Our priority is to understand our client's portfolio vision and then develop the strategy that positions them to capture all financial benefits of on-site local renewable energy power production.

Meet the NRGTree Team

TJ Caveney

CEO and Founder

Abdu El Refaiy, CFA


Keith Caveney

Business Development Advisor

Matthew Gschwend

Senior Solar Analyst

Taylor Frothingham

Solar Analyst

Nate Harrington-Howard

Project Manager

Alison Martin

Policy Specialist

Jonathan Sloane


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