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Own My Solar connects you to trustworthy, financially-qualified customers interested in going solar. We take care of all the ground work designing a custom system and giving an estimate, leaving you to do what you do best, installation.

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NRGTREE is an online marketplace that connects property owners, both residential and commercial, with solar installers. Our mission is to reduce customer acquisition costs and drive solar adoption.

Our concept is exceptional because we leverage existing relationships between property owners and their lending institutions. While the benefits of solar are many, few consumers are aware of the advantages of owning, rather than leasing/PPA a solar system, which is more common simply due to their nationwide marketing campaigns. Lending institutions are uniquely positioned to introduce the extra upside of financing solar systems to their own customers, and the result is more qualified customers who come to you “finance-ready.”

Benefits of joining our exclusive network include:

  • View pre-designed projects, for "finance ready" customers, daily by logging on to our easy to use website.
  • Screen prospects based on parameters including geography, satellite images, electric bill details & project size, and finance affiliations.
  • Leverage the lending institutions ability to connect & educate their customers on the economics of solar.
  • Avoid wasting time visiting sites to evaluate roofs and design unique systems for potential customers - we do all that for you.
  • Submit bids on our easy to compare “apples to apples” bid platform that stimulates a fast decision process by the prospect.
  • Pay success fees only for the business you close, viewing and bidding on projects is completely free.

Cherry-pick, bid, close business!

Connecting installers with interested consumers

Our solar platform connects installers with consumers that are ready to get solar. Their financing is almost guaranteed to be approved, as the customers we provide have been referred to us directly by their lending institutions. We look at their electricity usage, and evaluate their roof with 3D modelling technology, to design a solar system just for them. We then give them an estimate and turn them over to you, the installer. You see the consumer info including location, satellite view of the home, their electricity usage, the size and design of their proposed system, and their financing institution. From there, it's up to you to decide if the project is right for your company, and if it is you bid. If you're able to provide one of the three lowest bids, the customer will contact you to get solar.

Why our projects are better:

Our projects come through one of our financial partners private label sites, so you know that they are qualified financially, and more trustworthy than your average solar lead. We take out all the ground work of evaluating a roof and designing a system so that you can do what you do best... install! Here is how it works:

  1. Log on to the installer portal and view pre‑designed projects
  2. Bid on projects that fit your services
  3. Win the auction
  4. Schedule and complete a roof inspection 
  5. Upload a contract for the customer to sign
  6. Install

Our "apples to apples" bidding platform enables the prospect to make a faster buying decision and eliminate lag time between interest and installation. We only show a project's three lowest bids to a customer, so that they are not overwhelmed, and you are more likely to get the job.

Is your company qualified to join the NRGTREE network?

  • At least 3 years of experience installing solar PV
  • Licensed and insured for solar PV
  • NABCEP certified
  • Reputation for excellent customer service and quality solar installations
  • Use high quality solar equipment

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