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The 1,000,000th United States solar installation was completed in the first quarter of 2016, and the rate of installation is only increasing.

Solar capacity has experienced a 60% compounded annual growth rate over the last decade to reach 32 GW.

Installation costs have dropped 70% over the past 10 years.

Current Market penetration in the US is less than 2%.

“The number-one emerging trend in residential rooftop solar is the shift from third-party-funded leases and PPAs to solar loans that allow direct ownership.” - GTM Research

Why Join

NRGTree connects property owners with lending institutions and solar installers.

Lending institutions are provided their own private brand online platform that will educate their customers about solar energy and their solar loan products. Property owners get access to an interactive solar educational and bidding platform, where they can learn about the benefits of owning their solar system, and, if desired, have qualified solar installers bid online for their business. Solar installers will meet qualified and finance ready buyers at a fraction of their current acquisition costs. We think it is time for the property owners to take advantage of the generous federal and state subsidies instead of the solar investment companies.

It's a Win-win!

Lending Institutions Win

  • Drive solar loan business for residential and commercial customers. 
  • Customize your private label online platform to your own brand, messaging, and solar loan products.
  • Provide your customers an an easy to use online platform that renders on nearly any advice, offering a computer, tablet or mobile experience.
  • Teach your customers that owning their solar system is a much better financial decision than the leasing/power purchase agreements currently being marketed.
  • Easily integrate with all marketing channels and loan processing activities.
  • Engage your customers through interesting and environmentally friendly messages.

Solar Buyers Win

  • Learn about the benefits of owning your solar investment.
  • Keep the federal and state incentives for owning solar.
  • Get the best price by having qualified solar installers compete for your business.
  • Review your solar quotes on and “apples to apples” bidding platform and make a more convenient and informed decision when picking your installer.
  • Get a solar loan from your trusted lending institution.

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